To build profitable companies in the cannabis business

“Brands and Distribution will shape the future of the cannabis industry.”

Kevin Shin, Grove Group CEO

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Brands and Distribution will shape the future of the cannabis industry

In a crowded marketplace, innovative, branded products and creative distribution will set superior products apart from the blitz of competition. Our practical experience is in scaling national and global brands. This hands-on proficiency will be invaluable as we consider new companies and their market potential.

Brands and proprietary distribution networks are the best defense against competition. They allow for price and profitability control. Market share leading brands and distribution networks are what we have built and will continue to build in the cannabis industry.

And we have assembled just the team to do it.

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The Grove Group Mission

To deliver superior returns to our investors by providing capital and proven business expertise to high growth companies across the global cannabis industry, with management teams who share our core values. To add value to our investments by identifying synergies, increasing distribution channels, and creating scale.

The team at Grove Group Management brings sophisticated financing, technology and marketing execution to the cannabis business

Employing the most advanced financial, research, marketing, and operational strategies - proven across diverse industries - Grove Group Management is a next generation investment and management company that will identify and launch exciting new enterprises in the robust cannabis industry.

Every resource to drive profitability is brought to bear: Cloud-based, data driven marketing. Research backed, technically-innovative product development. Sound financial structure and cash flow management. Most successful practices for acquiring licenses and securing necessary local clearances. An experienced supply chain team that keeps businesses stocked and healthy.


Experts in licensing, growing, product development, marketing, distribution, retail, and operations

Grove Group Management is a complete team. Every asset necessary to identifying, structuring, licensing and launching a new company in the fast-moving cannabis industry resides under our roof.

Each member of our management team has an entrepreneurial spirit and discipline that has launched dozens of businesses in diverse industries. This is a deeply-experienced group of former C-Suite executives with a sterling track record of success.

Expertise in:

  • Finance
  • Legal and compliance
  • Product development
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Retail

This teamwork and seamless coordination is critical to answering the challenges of the marketplace with speed and experienced decision making.

Grove Group Network

One critical element to our business model is our central and proprietary Grove Group marketing database which we call the Grove Group Network. All of our portfolio companies will report a rich set of data in real time which is collected and displayed on an actionable dashboard. All companies will share and learn from the Grove Group Network. Insightful use of this data will drive and sustain a cycle of success.

The time is now

Legalization is happening in key economic powerhouse states and discussions have begun in many others. It’s clear what’s coming. You need a deep experience base in the cannabis industry and the right team of business executives to see it through.

You need Grove Group Management.

You don’t have to educate us on your business. The cannabis industry is heavily regulated. To be successful, applicants must develop and present a sophisticated business plan that complies with all state and local rules and regulations. And we’re fully informed in the state of the cannabis industry, the essentials to acquiring licenses and the necessary building blocks to launching a thriving business.