Grove Group Management Will Invest $12 Million in Hemp/CBD Processors

Kevin and Tiki

The cannabis industry investment and management company co-founded by financial expert Kevin Shin and NFL great Tiki Barber becomes the largest stakeholder in Michigan and Wisconsin-based hemp growing, processing and CBD production facilities.

July 15, 2019 - (New York, NY) - Grove Group Management, a next-generation cannabis industry investment and management company, announces a major investment in two hemp and CBD manufacturing facilities. According to Hemp Business Journal, the hemp industry is predicted to grow to a $1.9 billion dollar market by 2022 with an estimated 5-year CAGR of 14.4% (2018-2022).

This investment will add $12 million in value to the company’s portfolio and makes Grove Group Management the single largest stakeholder for both facilities. In addition it will further automate the production process in both locations and add 72,000 square ft of hemp and CBD manufacturing space.

“The serious interest shown by Fortune 500 companies in beauty, pharmaceutical, pet care and other uses of hemp and CBD makes this an exciting and strategic space in which to invest,” said Grove Group Management’s co-founder and CEO, Kevin Shin. “This is a forward-thinking investment in one of the areas in the cannabis space. The timing is right, for us and for our new manufacturing partners.”

This investment announcement involves two, currently underutilized processing and CBD production facilities:

“We will bring these facilities up to pharmaceutical standard, to serve as an example of how hemp processing and CBD production should be done,” said Shin. “From production levels to product quality to the cleanliness and usage of each factory, these facilities will be top-of-the-line and best positioned to capitalize on the massive growth the Farm Bill has made in the cannabis industry.”

In addition to their investments in equipment and technology, this brings each of the recipients the benefit of Grove Group’s experienced, full-service management team.

“The team at Grove Group Management brings sophisticated financing, marketing and sales execution that gives us a strong advantage. Big players are coming into the CBD space and this will keep us ahead of the competition," said Romy Sembiring, CEO of Superior BioScience, and expert in cannabinoid research and development.

Every asset needed to launch, license and scale a company in the fast-moving cannabis industry resides under the management company’s roof. Their proven team of former C-suite executives run the gamut from finance, legal, and compliance to product development, marketing, operations, and retail.

“De-scheduling since the Farm Bill has allowed the opportunity in hemp and CBD to grow exponentially, and we are in a great position to deliver on the branding and connections that Grove Group can provide to these facilities as their market expands,” said Tiki Barber, Grove Group Management co-founder and former NFL great. “We not only scale the operation but also provide the sales and branding expertise needed to make these companies industry leaders in hemp and CBD production.”

Grove Group continues to seek research and development partners to help develop top quality products in line with the evolution of cannabis regulation and the market growth anticipated as a result.

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Grove Group Management To Bring Capital and Business Management to Cannabis Industry

October 15, 2018 - (New York, NY and Vancouver, BC) - Financial leader Kevin Shin and sports legend turned entrepreneur Tiki Barber formally announced the formation of Grove Group Management ( ) It marks the first investment company built to help businesses navigate the unfolding cannabis legal regulations while employing proven business practices by leaders experienced in finance, marketing, retail, operations, product development, and government policy and law.

Kevin and Tiki

Shin’s resume’ includes AXA and NewOak Capital, with high powered clients like Tongyang, SK Energy and Starwood Capital. Barber is the acclaimed former New York Giants running back turned successful business entrepreneur in the entertainment and software industries.

Wall Street Invests in Cannabis

Wall Street passion for the cannabis industry reached an all-time high in 2018, as major S&P 500 players like Coca-Cola announced interest in CBD infused beverages, while Heineken and Molson Coors also entered the market for cannabis-based consumer products. Fortune 500 company Constellation Brands added to the enthusiasm with its $4B investment in Canopy Growth, elevating its market share in Canada before recreational marijuana is legalized in that country.

“We’ve seen a massive shift bringing cannabis as an asset class to the forefront of investors’ minds. Chemical compounds in cannabis are now being used in several industries from pharmaceuticals to beauty products. In addition, market analysts are drawing comparisons to the alcohol and tobacco industries. This positions cannabis to be one of Wall Street’s biggest winners well into the future,” Shin said. “Estimates have the cannabis market with domestic revenues of $30B by 2021 and international markets projecting an additional $31B. This only scratches the surface of what’s at stake here.”

In any high-growth category, investment decisions are made quickly and often without experience or precedent. Grove Group Management fills this important gap. The GGM team features proven executives with decades of business experience in all key disciplines, from finance, supply chain, distribution and marketing to data capture. In bringing new companies to the fast moving cannabis market, GGM gives tailored advice to maximize their profit margins to their investments to increase ROI.

Founding Team: Shin and Barber

Shin’s no-nonsense approach to rating, evaluating and executing complex transactions has resulted in over one hundred transactions in several countries. He has dealt with government agencies on zoning, government subsidized debt and tax programs while working on multiple mergers and acquisitions around the world.

Barber earned recognition in business working on his marketing company and even joined forces with Stephen M. Ross for a venture. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce with a concentration in Management Information Systems.

“I have been fortunate to transform my NFL career into a platform to meet very influential people in the industry,” Barber said. “This is an opportunity for me to utilize my network and the resources available to me to make a difference in this space. While the cannabis industry packs valuable economic potential, it also opens doors to criminal justice reforms and to positively affect minorities who’ve been abused by the system.”

“The team we have been building are good people and I look forward to growing a company destined to shake the world.” said Barber.

More Major Players

Other major players for Grove Group include Thomas Masters, a Government Relations expert who has served as a senior manager in federal law enforcement and the corporate sector for more than 30 years, including the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Another key member is Dean Mazboudi, a Financial Services veteran technologist with over 26 years of technology architecture, strategy and start-up experience. Recently, Mazboudi was co-founder of Deutsche Bank Labs, which led the bank’s initiatives with disruptive innovation. Previously, he held several prominent positions with many of the leading financial services companies including UBS, ICAP and Merrill Lynch.

Grove Group Management operates out of offices in New York, New York and Vancouver, British Columbia, with a team of business, legal, marketing and operational professionals.

About Grove Group Management:

Founded in 2018, Grove Group Management delivers superior returns for investors by providing capital and proven business expertise to high growth companies across the global cannabis industry. We work with management teams who share our core values, and we add value to our investments by identifying synergies, increasing distribution channels and creating scale. For more information on Grove Group Management visit

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